Basic supplemental policies
AFLAC (that's right the duck) is the leading provider of supplemental insurance
and we have it here.

What is a supplemental insurance policy?
In this case supplemental insurance policies are intended to provide cash back
to the insured to help with living expenses after a loss.  In general your health
insurance will cover your medical bills but in the event of being out of work
during recovery what will pay your bills?  This is what supplemental insurance
through AFLAC is for.

Here is a small list of the most often sold policies:
Accident- Pays cash to you in the event of accidental injury from any source.
Hospital- Pays cash to you in the event of doctor visits or hospitalization.
Hospital Intensive Care- Additional benefits for serious medical problems.
Dental- Helps cover the cost of dental work that most dental insurances leave.
Disability Income Protector- Gives a monthly income based on current income.
Vision- Helps fill the gap left by most vision insurance policies.
Cancer- Pays when first diagnosed and additional coverage during treatments.
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