Basics of life insurance
Term Life- Term life insurance is a temporary policy that only stays in force for a
set term.  Usually term policies come in 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 years, however a
company could create a policy for any specific term.  Once the term of the
policy is over so is the policy.

Whole Life- A whole life policy is designed to last as long as the buyer.  While
much more expensive than term policies a whole life policy comes with certain
policies also have an accumulation account that goes along with them which
Whole allows the policy to act as a savings and limited investment for the buyer.

Variable Life- Variable life policies are almost identical to whole life policies
except that the accumulation account is specifically linked to the stock market
through mutual fund.  This usually allows the account to achieve a much higher
rate of return, assuming the market is in the investors favor.  The cost on these
policies is not much different than a standard whole life policy.
Term Life
Whole Life
Variable Life
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