Pre-Paid Legal
How much would this be worth to you?

A lawyer on call to answer any legal question you have.
Someone to help fix traffic violations.
Letters written on your behalf to correct even small matters.
A team of lawyers to defend you in the event of a law suite.
A free Will for yourself and only $20 for a Will for your spouse.
A lawyer to review any contract and make sure its in your interest.

Most people who have a lawyer on call pay thousands of dollars a year for
the benefit.  PPL has designed a program similar to an insurance plan
allowing many people to share the cost of having an on call lawyer, just like
the same insurance company.  These cost less than a dollar a day for even
the most comprehensive plans.

$16 per month ($10 one time sign up fee) - Basic plan
$12.95 per month ($10 one time sign up fee) - ID theft protection
OR $9.95 per month with the Basic plan
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