Basic home insurance coverages
Dwelling- Dwelling coverage is intended to rebuild your home in the event of a
loss such as fire, weather damage or worse yet a car being driven into your living
room.  Some townhouse policies have this coverage however condo policies
never contain this coverage.

Property Coverage- Theft, fire, or other losses can damage or destroy the things
you own.  This coverage helps to replace the things that are dear to you after a
loss.  Condo policies and some townhouse policies often use this coverage to
protect not only your possessions but also the build out of the home in the event
of a major loss.

Liability- Liability coverage is one of the most important coverages in any
policy.  Put most basically, liability insurance protects you from law suite.

Home Warranty- A home warranty is a special insurance product that functions
like an extended warranty for your major appliances.  Air conditioning, These
policies are available to any owner.
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